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A&C World Warriors V2


Download the lastest build for A&C World Warriors for free! Latest update: v2, released July 2015. Check back frequently for updates, new characters and new stages as we work towards a final build. Practice now and prepare for upcoming tournaments. Get your controllers ready, click the appropriate link below and game on!

Windows – Download


  • Up to 4 Players on Screen/16 Player Tournament Mode.
  • Several game modes incuding Story, Team, Tag, Survival and Training.
  • Over a dozen fighters, each with their own unique special move and play styles.
  • Keyboard and Gamepad(required for 4 player) support .
  • Several difficulty settings.

Analog/Dpad Left – Move Left
Analog/Dpad Right – Move Right
Analog/Dpad Down – Duck
A – Jump
Left Trigger – Tag in/Out (Tag Mode Only)
B – Fireball
X – Punch
Y – Teleport
Right Trigger – Super

*Slide Attack – Duck + Punch
**Super Jump – Duck + Jump
***4 Gamepads are required to access 4 Player modes